Set Intentions Course by Kim E Woods

Set Intentions Course

Dream big, lean on your past and step into your future!

What are your strengths?

This exercise is so powerful. You don't want to miss it. 

What are your wishes?

Create time to dream big. 

What's in your future?

Do potent visualization to manifest your future self. 

Power Up your Intentions

Set your intentions and do ritual to power them up!

Here's your handy checklist.

Course Contents

This course is segmented into 4 parts: 

1. All about YOU 
  • Assess your life
  • Strengths & experiences
  • Resources & connections
2. Blessings and Priorities
  • Priorities
  • Daily wishes
  • Perfect day meditation
3. Words, Mirrors, Dreams
  • Inner & outer mirrors
  • Dreams exercise
  • Future visualization
4. Themes, Journals, Rituals
  • Weave strengths, wishes, dreams
  • Determine themes
  • Cosmic magic & power


Completing this course leaves you FREE to pursue your dream life. 


Should I go in order?

Yes, there's a method to this course. Follow along from section 1 to section 4. 

Do I need to take notes?

Yes, there's a handout to download and printout. You'll want to follow along with the exercises and make notes from the visualizations and meditations. 

What if I have questions?

I'm always available to answer questions. Just email me at or message me through my FB page at