Where's My Money? by Kim E Woods

Where's My Money?

Where's My Money? 90-minute webinar

Webinar Description

This 90-minute powerful webinar gets closer to the roots of your relationship with money. It goes beyond the tips and tricks and begins the changes needed to remove money blocks in your life. 

We explore hidden memories and undiscovered symbols in your life. We look at the mirrors your friends hold up to you and learn easy ways to deflect any negative money expressions from others.

Do you use your money tools and get mixed results?

Do you want to know how your childhood money memories affect you now?

Do you want to be more consistent with your money?

YES to any of the above?

Unlock your plentiful money signature with this webinar. Get to the underlying beliefs impacting your infinite money supply. 

Awareness, shifting and welcoming the new is available to you right now.

Explore your memories, look at the mirrors in your life and release blocks to your money. 

Where's your money? It's right here - it's waiting for you to show up. 

The price of this webinar is very low. The time requirement is only 1 ½ hours. The convenience of being in your own environment is practically priceless. 

What could possibly stop you from signing up? 
SIGN UP today!

Who am I to lead money and abundance programs?

I usually don't credential myself in this way, but feel it's important with my money programs. I have no money issues and am wildly abundant. I've been extremely successful in business, have had P&L responsibility for $10M+, founded a multi-million dollar business and basically have made tons of money throughout my career. I love money and it loves me. It's just that simple. 

I want to help you be infinitely abundant too!

So many of you have expressed frustration with money, I put my prior money programs into my magical personal formulae to help you get more money in your life. 

My method is practical. It's magical. And it's powerful.

Better yet - it WORKS. 

Some of the money stories from my recent money program...

“$1100 in unexpected income since last week's webinar!! I'm not missing this for anything!”
“I got 3 new clients in the past 2 days!” 
“I broke even on my taxes instead of paying and found an extra $10 over the weekend!” 
“I just got two unexpected checks. One mind-blowingly unexpected!”
“I asked for the right amount of money for my service for the 1sttime and I got it! This feels so right.” 
“I think I had my best night ever for tips tonight at work! Funny story had a client who had left her tip before our session and then after, she added half as much again as what she’d already done. AH MAZING and everyone else was very generous as well. I LOVE MONEY and MONEY FLOWS TO ME EASILY and with abundance!!!!”
“I got an unexpected speaking presentation immediately after the last webinar!” 
“Last week the diapers I ordered were delivered 2 days late from Amazon, I called them and they refunded me $54! Yay money!!”
“Today I went to Snap Kitchen and I had a $10.00 credit 🙌 and then I ordered a shirt online and I had a $19.00 credit 🙌!”
“I found out I am getting a tax refund instead of having to pay!”
“I won the Mystery Hostess party rewards. $200 worth of Pampered Chef for $60.”
“I love buying healthy food at the grocery store, it's always been my priority versus spending money on material things that don't add value to my life. My husband actually works at a well-known health food store and today he came home with a $50 gift card as reward for best customer service of the month! How amazing is that?!💕☄”
“Loved the $$ talk today. I got a nickel in the MAIL, and $40 on a gift card I thought had 10. Beautiful and amazing!!”
The next 4 are the same person! 
-    “My best friend got his tax refund and gave me $500.” 🥰 
-    “I had a client not able to make her appointment at the last minute and paid me for the missed time 😁” 
-    “I won a free month membership in a meditation group 🙏”
-     “Plus, my medical insurance finally came through after a year of waiting in the system.” 
“I just booked a flight and had a $119 I didn’t know about!”
“My son-in-law got a promotion!”
“Found a couple of small gift cards while cleaning out my wallet.
Had someone reach out to book a healing session in my home.

Saw a quarter on the street. Almost walked by. But stopped myself and picked it up. It was a quarter more than I had before I picked it up. Ty😊

Found some money that I hid and forgot I had.💰”
“Another absolutely stellar night for tips! I love money! It flows to me in abundance and I am worthy to receive it.” 
“I’ve had the MOST EVER attendees at my workshop today!  MOST EVER!”


When is the webinar?

The webinar is Monday, March 18th from 9:00 am - 10:30 am EDT and will be hosted on Zoom. The link is available in the welcome message. 

Do I need a laptop or PC for Zoom or can I use my phone?

The Zoom link includes both connections, so you can use either. 

What do I need for the webinar?

You need: 

Handout or paper
Drinking water

What if I can’t make it to the live?

The webinar will be recorded and you can watch the replay at your leisure. Just come back here and click on the video that will be uploaded after the live. 

What if I have questions and can’t make it to the live?

I'm always available to answer questions. Just email me at kim@kecfreedom.com or message me through my FB page at https://www.facebook.com/KECFreedom/.