Potential Pathway Layer 2 - Connect to You by Kim E Woods

Potential Pathway Layer 2 - Connect to You

Steps to Connect to You

  • Realize your inner life greatly impacts your outer world. 
  • Step into your intuition and learn how to rely on it. 
  • Choose happiness and joy (not always duty and responsibility).
  • Align mind, heart and will to begin living your very best life. 
  • Prioritize and figure out your own lane. 

As you develop your intuition, listen to your heart and demonstrate a willingness to change your life, you’re ready to clear your path.

Intuition Assessment

Take the assessment to determine your intuitive experience. 

  1. Beginner - Tap into Intuition
  2. Intermediate - Develop your Intuition
  3. Advanced - Strengthen your Intuition