Money Break-Away Series

Money, Money, Money Webinar

This 90-minute webinar is fun and filled with exercises, visualizations and discussions to get you more money in your life . This 1 ½ hour webinar is jam-packed with MONEY POWER! We'll do exercises and clearing to create an abundant money mindset. We'll use your most powerful sense to tap into your deep-seeded beliefs to change them into healthy ones. We'll reset your money thermostat to a much higher level! Can you say, "Money, Money, Money?" The goal of this webinar is to get more money in your life - period. Sign up today! 

YES to Money! Webinar

This 60-minute webinar allows you to say YES to Money in fun and colorful ways!

Where's My Money?

This 90-minute webinar delves into your childhood memories and the people in your life to release accumulated beliefs holding you back from the infinite supply of money. 

Big Money Intensive!

Join me in this 8-week intensive course to get to the root of your money issues and step into your infinite prosperity flow!