Meditation Made Easy! Course by Kim E Woods

Meditation Made Easy! Course

You CAN do it!

Do you need more calm in your days?

Meditation relieves stress and tension, bringing calm and ease into your days.

Do you want better sleep?

A regular meditation practice improves your ability to fall asleep and sleep through the night. 

Do you want more focus and clearer thinking?

Meditation improves clarity, increases focus and enhances attention. 

Here are Some of the Benefits of Meditation

Induces better sleep. 
Lowers anxiety. 
Increases creativity. 
Improves focus & attention. 
Speeds up healing. 
Improves immunity. 
Enhances empathy. 
Increases energy level. 

Coarse Contents

My course helps you realize the different types of meditation and then experience the most popular to see what works for you. There are five sections: 
1. Meditation Types
2. Breath
3. Mantras
4. Visualization
5. Guided Meditation

Plus beautiful handout and 2 audio guided meditations as bonuses. 

This is you on meditation...


Why should I meditate?

Meditation has so many benefits. It improves your mood, increases your compassion and enhances your creativity and intuition. There are scientific based benefits as well.  Meditation reduces stress, lengthens attention span, slows age-related memory loss, helps fight addictions, improves sleep and decreases blood pressure. 

I cannot quiet my mind, what should I do?

The most common complaint about meditation is the inability to clear or quiet the mind. Clearing the mind is not necessary for effective meditation; however, a thought-filled mind can be distracting and frustrating.  
The best method is to send those pesky thoughts away from you and this is one of the guided meditations in the course. 

I hear so much about mindfulness these days. What is the difference between meditation and mindfulness?

Rooted in Buddhism, being mindful involves being completely present in the moment, aware of thoughts, feelings, and perceptions in a non-judgmental manner.  It is total acceptance. 
It’s also a type of meditation. 
But, mindfulness is actually more than just a type of meditation; it is a way of life.  If you develop a regular meditation practice, you create a state of mindfulness in your life. 

How often and how long should I meditate?

It is ideal to meditate daily and it is also ‘ideal’ to meditate for at least 20 minutes. However, life is not always ideal. Moving meditation is an excellent form of meditative practice when you do not have time to sit on a cushion and just be.  So - think, running, walking, or gardening – any activity you can lose yourself in for a few precious moments. Visualization is another great method when you do not have the time and space to ‘clear’ your mind. The important thing is your meditation should support YOU in the moment.