Meditation Bundles by Kim E Woods

Meditation Bundles

Helpful Guided Meditations to Improve Your Life

What's included

Grow Your Business

Gather your employees and band together to grow your business - filling it with intent, power and prosperity. 

Harness the Elements

Guided meditation capturing, building and integrating the power of the elements for you to live in abundance, love and joy. Be aligned with your soul. 

Heart Drop

Bring your awareness to your heart to listen to its wisdom. This product is free with the Cosmic Magic Membership.

Lunar Phases

Integrate the power of the Moon through her phases. This is a free product in the Cosmic Magic Membership. 

New Beginning Meditation

So, you've decided to start a new career, business or life mission. Great! Use this meditation to gather your momentum!

Protective Power Meditation

Guided meditation to support and protect you while building your power too!

Rainbow Power

Gather the healing power from colors of the rainbow and activate your chakras for manifestation. This product is free with the Cosmic Magic Membership. 

Release & Manifest

Listen to this 8-minute guided meditation to release any obstruction and gather momentum to manifest your desires. 

Spread Your Wings

Guided meditation to gain freedom joyfully and easily. 

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