Bella Luna Course by Kim E Woods

Bella Luna Course


Do you see the Moon and wonder about its power?

Most people know the Moon holds power as she brings the tides in and out each day. Yet, they don't understand this power can be used to create power in their own lives. 

Do you hear about the phases of the Moon and want to know more?

The Moon has 8 phases each month with the New and Full ones having the most impact on the Earth. Find out more about each. 

In astrology, the Moon signifies your heart.

What's your Moon sign? Learn about the zodiac signature to determine your reigning need. 

Brief Overview of Bella Luna

The Moon is powerful, luminous and fecund. She has much to offer you if you learn about her powers and how they impact you personally. 

Coarse Components

  • There are four videos describing the ways the Moon impacts your life.      
  • There's a beautiful handout to accompany the course that you can follow along during the video component.  You may also refer to again and again after you've completed the course.                                                                        
  •   There are two bonus guided meditations you may download to actually   experience the lunar impact through the phases and the zodiac.              



What do I do first?

My recommendation is to look at the handout to get an overview of the course. Then I would watch the videos in the order they are presented. Finally, I would download the guided meditations to experience the expressions of the Moon. 

What's included in this course?

Bella Luna involves 4 video sections:  
  • Monthly lunar cycles and phases
  • Moon in the zodiac signs
  • New Moons throughout the year
  • Full Moons throughout the year
You also receive a beautiful handout and 2 guided meditation files. 

Do I need to take notes?

No, there's a beautiful pdf file for you to download with all of the information presented in the course. 

How long are the video recordings?

There are 4 segments and each video section is approximately 12 - 18 minutes.