Intuition Discovery Mini-course by Kim E Woods

Intuition Discovery Mini-course

Let's discover your intuition!

What's included?

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Intuition Discovery mini course.pdf
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SECTION ONE: Say YES and Connect
Intuition - Say
16 mins
SECTION TWO: Meet Your Magical Self
Your Magical
19 mins
Meeting Magical Self.m4a
8 mins
SECTION THREE: Interpreting Signs & Using Tools
Numbers and
9 mins
SECTION FOUR: Divination & Support
Divination &
15 mins
SECTION FIVE: Animal Spirits
9 mins

where everything is magically practical.™ 

Hi, I'm Kim Woods and it's my passion to bring people into the magical realm! 


What's does this course cover?

Intuition Discovery covers the following topics: 
  • Say YES and connect via: affirmation, intention & visualization
  • Find your 'clair' and access your magical self
  • Use divination tools such as: numbers & pendulums
  • Gain confidence with energy cards & crystals
  • Have fun with the animal spirits

What is the format of the course?

There are 5 video sections approximately 10 - 20 minutes each. 

You can download a beautifully formatted handout, so you can follow along without taking notes. 

There's also an audio file of the connection to your magical self so you can experience it again and again.