Cosmic Magic Membership - only $35! by Kim E Woods

Cosmic Magic Membership - only $35!

Get some major celestial mojo going.


You want to use your power, but...

You try to connect and even take a yoga class, but...
You try to use the Law of Attraction to bring things into your life, but...
You say mantras and affirmations, but...

You are POWERFUL, you just need someone to GUIDE you.

Power is here for the taking. 
The trick is to know how to connect and use it. 
I'm here to show you the way. 

Cosmic Power is yours for the taking...

Here are the steps:
1. KNOWING what's happening in the cosmos creates awareness.
2. OPENING the cosmic energy turns your awareness into POWER.
3. USING this power changes your life. 
It's EPIC. 
And it's what we do, 4x a month. 

What can you expect?

FB Live events 4X per month. 
  • New month's energies
  • New Moon power
  • Get It Done Monday™
  • Full Moon celebration

I am so ready to get my POWER!

The cosmos are SO full of power and are waiting for you to tap into them. Let's do that - regularly. 
Sign me up!

Why did I start my Cosmic Magic Membership?

I started Cosmic Magic because I watched many people talk about the monthly energies, but not use them.

I began this way too. I still write about the monthly energy and send it via email and post on social media. But, what are people doing with this information? 

The answer - not much. I thought about it and decided to be the LIVE guide.  I want people to have the opportunity to turn their awareness into POWER and MAGIC they can use in their daily lives. 

Thus, I created cosmic magic! I talk LIVE about the monthly happenings in real terms and give you tips to navigate the month. This opens up the monthly energy for you - at the beginning of every month. 

And, then? Then, I get witchy and grab us some awesome Luna Love during the New and Full Moons. Damn, it's amazing. I talk about supportive tools and do ritual. 

But, wait - there's more. My thing is magically practical, so there's a remnant from my brilliant business days - Get It Done Mondays Series™. This is where we do a practical exercise to make it real. But, it's without the boring, yucky stuff. 

It's LIVE and also recorded video, so you can listen as many times as you'd like AND it's amazingly powerful, yet simple and fun. 

All this for only $35 per month. I know, what's up with the super low price? I want EVERYONE to be able to get their magic on EVERY month!

Want to get POWERFUL with us? 
Yes please!

Here's what people are saying...

I make every FB Live event because I want to know everything that's going on in the month and then I want to harness all of the energetic power!
Karen T.
I sit with my employees and we do the FB Live events together. They've been amazing - each one getting more powerful than the last. I also LOVE the business bonus for the Get It Done Mondays ™ . 
Katie Q.

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Kim E Woods

Welcome to Cosmic Magic!

Yay - you've signed up for some magical mojo!

Get ready to lean into the celestial energies every month and do Bella Luna rituals. Harnessing…
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Cosmic Magic

$35 / month
Create abundance, magic and joy in your life! We meet 4 times per month, roughly once a week, but it depends on what's happening in the cosmos. 

On the first of the month, I let you know what's going on for the entire month with themes, imagery and crystalline energies. Then I tell you how to leverage all of the goodness and avoid any stags. 

Then, we do lunar rituals when Bella Luna is ready.  We manifest on the New Moon and celebrate on the Full Moon. I use Goddess power, Tarot, tuning forks and singing bowls. During these times, it's all about the beautiful and rich meditation that you can go back to again and again.  

Finally, there's an awesome Get It Done Monday ™ event because the stars are great, but we've got it make it real. 

There are always two bonuses. One for parents and one for business owners. 

Get all this for only $35 per month. 
Includes access to 3 products:
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Annual Cosmic Plan

$350 / year
Two months free when you pay for annual membership plan! Same great plan with great savings!
Includes access to 3 products:
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What does my membership include?

I forward intuitive tools to new members to get you into the magically practical spirit. 
Every month, I tell you the monthly celestial happenings.  I relate themes, the Tarot and supportive crystals to help you maximize your cosmic power. 
We do ritual on the New and Full Moons. Super yum!
To bring in the practical, I use a Get It Done method from my former business days. We gather that badass energy from the stars to use it in your daily life!
There are also bonuses every month for parents and business owners.
Seriously, all of this…can you believe it? 

What if I can’t make it for a live video?

Every video is recorded, so you can watch it anytime. Also, you can skip to the part where we do meditation as I keep to similar timing – it’s close to the 20-minute mark. 

Do I need to know how to meditate to join this group?

Not at all. I lead you through each and every meditation. All you have to do is lean back and relax. 

What if I want to cancel my membership?

Go to your dashboard and click into billing. Once there, you'll see the options to change your membership plan or cancel your subscription. It's that easy. 

where everything is magically practical.™ 

Hi, I'm Kim Woods and it's my passion to bring people into the magical realm!