where everything is magically practical.™ 

Hi, I'm Kim Woods and it's my passion to bring people into the magical realm! 

About Me

As a busy Mom and business owner,  I'm always looking for easier and practical ways of doing magical things. Now, I'm so lucky to be able to share them with you! Watch the video to get a glimpse of what I do and why I do it or scroll down to check 'em out!

My magically practical tools just for you!

  • Monthly Memberships -COSMIC MAGIC for beginners, COSMIC MONEY! for abundance manifestors and COSMIC NINJAS for co-creatiors. 
  • Money Programs - get more money with my new MONEY series!
  • Intro to the Magical Courses - learn all about meditation, energy & intuition. Get some Bella Luna Power!
  • Book Meditations - exercises & meditations to accompany my all about book series. 
  • Meditation Bundles - connect to energies to improve your life and business. 

Cosmic Memberships

I started these amazing memberships to harness the power of the cosmos - every month! For beginners or those who just want to connect, COSMIC MAGIC is the perfect solution. For those wanting more abundance, COSMIC MONEY! brings that and more. For those co-creators at the forward edge of enlightenment,...

Where's My Money?

This 90-minute webinar delves into your childhood memories and the people in your life to release accumulated beliefs holding you back from the infinite supply...

YES to Money! Webinar

This 60-minute webinar allows you to say YES to Money in fun and colorful ways!

Money, Money, Money Webinar

This 90-minute webinar is fun and filled with exercises, visualizations and discussions to get you more money in your life . This 1 ½ hour...


This 3-day FB challenge is wildly popular. The exercises and visualizations ring true for so many! People said they listened over and over again.

Meditation Made Easy! Course

This course talks about meditation and how you can do it! It gives you tips and shows you the way. It also includes 3 guided...

Intuition Discovery Course

How do you tap into your intuition? The short answer is: You lean into it, you use it, you say yes. Delving deeper, it's much...

Bella Luna Course

Explore the lunar phases, uncover the phase of your Moon, lean into the zodiac expressions of Moon energy and learn all about the New and...

Meditation Bundles

These guided meditations are useful to connect to your intuition, manifest goodness and make magic in your life. Plus a bonus for business owners!

all about magic beginnings

Guided meditations, visualizations and exercises to accompany my all about magic - beginnings book. Total of 26 files - have fun!

all about calm for you

Visualizations and meditations to calm your thoughts, relax your body and reconnect to yourself. This product supports my all about calm book.

all about calm - just for kids

Visualizations just for kids!

Everything Energy Course

Everything is energy. Learn how to work with energy. You'll feel, clear, transmute, charge, protect and ground it!