Kim | The Revealer 

Hi, I'm Kim Woods and it's my passion to help you say YES to yourself as I reveal your highest potential.

About Me

My mission is to empower women to say YES to themselves as I reveal their FULL potential. Watch the video to get a glimpse of what I do and why I do it or scroll down to check out ways to get support. 

Say YES to You!

  • 1-on-1 Potential Journey - Fast track your life by seeing me 1-on-1. I open your full potential in our 1st session and then uncover obstacles, remove blocks and clear the path with you to reach your highest potential.  

  • Monthly Potential Support -This membership super charges your potential journey. Gain 2 mini-healing sessions every month to calm your mind and connect to your heart to release unwanted blocks and manifest your dreams. 

  • Potential Pathway Series - Connect, believe, discover, clear and become your most authentic, unapologetic and unstoppable self. Following this pathway improves every area of your life. 


1-on-1 Potential Journey

Open your full potential with the BIG REVEAL and then follow-up with sessions to overcome obstacles, remove blocks from the past & present and step into your brightest future. 
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Potential Monthly Support

Monthly membership to release blocks, overcome obstacles and manifest your wishes and desires. Align with your goals and create the life you're meant to live. Get 2-mini healing sessions a month!
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Potential Pathway Series

Dream BIG, believe in yourself and trust your intuition. Follow your heart and take right action. Identify your unique gifts to match your life with your full potential. Live authentically, unapologetically and unstoppably. 
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1-on-1 Potential Journey

Start with the Map of your Potential. In 90-minutes, you will gain insight into every area of your life - the known and the unknown. I open up your full potential and all of the your unique gifts and strengths. 

As life has a habit of getting in the way, use your follow-on sessions to remove blocks or obstacles holding you back from aligning with your authentic power. 

Whatever they are, you need to get rid of them to step completely into your power. 

Get ready to live authentically, unapologetically and unstoppably. ™
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Connect to You: Release & Manifest Membership

Gain 2-mini healing sessions every month to support your Unique Pathways of Success™. Say YES to you, your intuition and your wisdom every other week. 

Join me as I lead you in guided meditation to release any blocks to overcome obstacles or to manifest your wishes and dreams. 

2 guided rituals and exercises every single month. 

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