Kim | Spiritual Leader & Transformation Expert

Power, Purpose and Prosperity Align when the Divine is Your Business Partner

My Story

Hi, I'm Kim Woods.

I've worked with high performing entrepreneurs and global leaders, built my own 7 figure brick & mortar business and helped many clients achieve their own. 

Here's the thing. 

My life truly began once I recognized that while I had checked all the boxes, so to speak, I still lacked a true feeling of purpose, power and fulfillment. When I finally embraced my own “Spiritual Coming-Out,” I was not only able to physically heal my son, but also to help myself and my thousands of clients around the world to align to their true purpose, power and prosperity for unparalleled satisfaction. 

Follow My Power of Purpose Protocol

I've created the 3-part Power of Purpose Protocol™, where I channel the voice of your soul to remove any lack of clarity about your soul mission, release your need to give, give, give and break patterns preventing you from living in endless joy, abundance and success.

Part 1: Power - I help you connect to your 3 power centers:
  1. Unique power
  2. Infinite power
  3. Collective power
Part 2: Purpose
I walk into your stars the minute you were born to gain your soul's perspective in perfect purity - without familial conditioning or societal expectations.

It's YOU. Purely and divinely You - all of your unique gifts ready to be shone into the world - brilliantly!

Part 3: Prosperity
People who work with me become rich and powerful. It's just that simple. 

I love this recipe. It’s one part Oracle for prophecy & awareness filled with soul-level, past life and ancestral discovery about you & your loved ones. One part healing guidance with imprinted healing codes for unconditional love, sacred joy, unabashed passion, deeply rooted safety and unlimited abundance. One part strategic methods, checklists and toolkits for life and business such as; money signature, love scripts, your pathway to joy, and strategy in every form, ranging from business operational priorities and leadership advice to service models and pricing matrices. 

When you work 1:1 with me, you get an Oracle, Healer and Strategist. 

It's EPIC!

xxx, Kim 😘